Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q1 : Why does TKCM have no option to completely prohibit for commercial purposes?
    • A1 : TKCM basically provides materials used for game creation.
      The RPG MAKER EULA prohibit the sale of materials, but do not prohibit the sale of games.

    • In recent years, cases of it are “for commercial purposes” that are difficult to judge are increasing. It is necessary to clarify the purpose of commercial, but we have determined that it is difficult to classify it, and we have not adopted it for TKCM.
      In order to confirm this strictly, we think that it is necessary to issue permission each time to the user or create a contract that is supervised by a legal expert.

      Here are some examples that are difficult to judge:
      • Advertising revenue at sites that distribute materials.
      • Advertising revenue from uploading work of playing video game to YouTube using materials.
      • Income from paid distribution / Sales of game creator.
  • Q2 : Why does TKCM have no option to prohibit the use of age-restricted works?
    • A2 : In most cases, it is the game creator who determines the age-restricted of the game. Even if the material provider feels that this is an adult designation, it is impossible to make a legal decision in Japan. Judging that the effect is not expected, we have not adopted it for TKCM.

      Here are some examples that have no legal basis:

      • Age-restrictions on movie appreciation are set by the Eirin, the Film Classification and Rating Committee (Configured within the film industry) and are not regulated by law.
      • There is no legal age-restricted for browsing adult sites. Confirmation indications that are over 18 years old is the premise of the management site, "being considerate about the person under age"
  • Q3 : The material distributed in TKCM-Blue has been modified.
    Please tell me the specific way to distribute this material.
    • A3 : The material distributed in Blue TKCM has been modified. Please tell me the specific way to distribute this material.
      • Specific Examples of credits:
        The credit of the material distributed by C1 in TKCM Blue is
        [Author:C1@site: https://c1.example.com]

        The credits for modifying and distributing the above materials by C2 must include both of the following.
        [Author: C1@Site: https://c1.example.com]
        [Modifier:C2@Site: https://c2.example.com]
  • Q4 : Can it be used to support a specific organization?
    • A4 : This is no problem, but please regard to how credits are displayed. Display the credit with “Any reasonable method maybe used, except for that suggestion that the provider supports the use of the service.”. Please provide a display that does not cause misunderstanding to the reader.
  • Q5 : Can I insist on the exact placement of the attribution credit?
    • A5 : No. TKCM allow for flexibility in the way credit is provided depending on the medium, means, and context in which a licensee is redistributing licensed material. For example, providing attribution to the creator when using licensed material in a making game may be different than doing so in a video remix. This flexibility facilitates compliance by licensees and reduces uncertainty about different types of reuse. minimizing the risk that overly onerous and inflexible attribution requirements are simply disregarded.